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The DAH-1500i is a mp3 player loaded with features that will surprise anyone while drawing people from the ipod market. It is generically a mp3 player, but it also includes a FM tuner, LED display, voice recorder (that can record FM radio), clock, and stereo sound with five preset equilizer settings. For $130 you get the player with 1 gig of memory and some accesories (for $99 you can buy 512MB). Best yet it is a little smaller than a carmel?it is uner an inch cubed.

While it is the smallest Mp3, or at least the those features, it does not match up to the depth of an ipod?s sound (particularly on the bass), it is making a good turn out. When the general masses of people are looking for the smaller Mp3s, the ipod nano has met recent criticizm for its easily broken screen, and so the DAH-1500i has a competitive edge. mobiBLU?s DAH-1500i is only available at Walmart, and probably only at its website.

Even though the DAH-1500i does not have 100 gigs of space or the minute perfections of sound, I will defintely buy it for its features that I can really use (If I would have money).

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HydroForum® Group

The smallest mp3 player yet loaded with voice recorder, FM tuner, LED display, clock, and plug and play.